Camo Netting Antiradar Tactical Hunting Woodland Camouflage Net

Party Decor
They can also be used for environmental rendering of military theme decorations, such as movie sets, theme parks, Army-themed backdrop, bar terraces, fences or exterior walls, bedroom decorations, Jurassic World theme party decorations, tree houses, CS games, paintball games, etc.

Outdoor Hidden
These camouflage nets are like a real leaf that can help you blend into the environment, so they can be used for bird watching, natural concealment, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Privacy Screen
They can also be used for sun protection and privacy protection, such as car-covering, garden pergola, privacy curtain, environmental isolation, etc.

CP Woodland; CP MultiCam; CP Black; Woodland Camo; Woodland Digital; Desert Digital; Desert Camo
Tree Camo Bionic 01; Tree Camo Bionic 02; Dry Grass Camo;
Flecktarn; Green Zone; Italy camo; Tigerstripe;
US Woodland Digital; US Desert Digital; US 4 Color Woodland

5x3ft/1.5x1m, 5x6.5ft/1.5x2m, 5x10ft/1.5x3m, 5x13ft/1.5x4m, 5x20ft/1.5x6m, 5x26ft/1.5x8m, 5x32ft/1.5x10m, 5x50ft/1.5x15m, 5x65ft/1.5x20m,
6.5x10ft/2x3m, 6.5x16ft/2x5m, 6.5x26ft/2x8m,
10x10ft/3x3m, 10x13ft/3x4m, 10x16ft/3x5m, 10x20ft/3x6m, 20x20ft/6x6m

1.This netting is washable, reusable, and fadeless.
2.lightweight, convenient carrying, and waterproof.
3.Silent, soft, tear-resistant material with camo bionic leaves without the chemical smell.

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MATERIAL – Camouflage net is made of premium polyester oxford fabric will withstand heavy-duty use and prove resistant to rips and tearing. The camo net is waterproof and quick drying. This camo netting is treated for eliminating shine or glare, which is very suitable as a privacy screen.

REINFORCED NETTING – Camouflage netting is reinforced by an additional backing of rope net to add strength to your camo nets for extra support and durability. Ensuring camo shade netting will last for longer. Camo tarp has four rope loops placed into each corner make hanging and securing easily. If you need substantial coverage and camouflage, you can also easily join separate pieces of camo bind netting together with cable ties.

HUNTING BLIND – This camo hunting netting will blend in with almost all woodland and forest conditions. This ghillie blind offers maximum concealment, loose enough that scopes, barrels and sights can be pushed through, allowing you to thoroughly assess your surroundings to ensure enemies are not creeping up on you.

PORTABLE -This camouflage cover is lightweight. The camo mesh net can be quick compaction and easy storage when not in use. Meaning camouflage nets can be carried around with little effort.

APPLICATION – Camo hanging net can be used for multiple purposes including tactical, military applications, military activities, military surplus, military applications, camping, shooting, decoration, sunshade net, shade cover, waterproof for sunshade, canopy, party decoration, hunting blind, car vehicle cover, paintball, airsoft, wildlife watching, netting for gardens, photography, treehouses, home decoration, privacy fence screen, garden screen, kids bedroom, nightclub, etc.

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